In 2012 W.Studio combined with W.Print and incorporated to provide a complete end-to-end photography, packaging and printing solution, with offices in USA & Hong Kong and with studio & manufacturing in China.


W.Print was founded 2007 to provide printing products and services specifically for the retail industry.  W.Print has three printing facilities located throughout China, with local offices in Hong Kong.


W.Studio was founded by the Whung Group in 2005 to provide photography, post and graphics processing specifically for the retail industry. Since then W.Studio has grown into one of the largest photography and packaging studios in China.



David Sakai
General Manager, W.Print

Andrew Bridges
General Manager, W.Studio



Robin Dora
Account Director


Janice Wong
Operation Manager, W.Print


Linda Tang
Project Manager, W.Studio


Nick Xie
Photo Stylist


Mabel Yeun
Project Coordinator, W.Print


Mandy Zhou
Project Coordinator, W.Studio


Stephen Sze
Studio Manager, W.Studio

Scott Tilley
Creative Director, W.Studio


Alan Cheung
Account Manager, W.Print


Wen Yongfeng
Chief Photographer, W.Studio


Siufong Cheng
Operations Manager, W.Studio


Open Positions

Professional Sales Representative

As a Senior Account Manager for W.Studio USA, LLC., you are expected to partner with major accounts, vendors and suppliers to manage and sale any services from photography to graphic production. This position is responsible for assisting the Sales Director with daily project management duties as well as increasing the revenues of W.Studio by achieving sales objectives within the accounts. This position also assists with developing new business strategies to maximize sales volume consistent with sales projections and helps to create new business opportunities in the market.

Essential Functions:

As a Sales Representative you will be required to take a leadership role to provide sales support and strategic information about project development, customer relationships and new potential business. Additionally, you will be required to exchange project planning, project information and assist with problem solving for potential issues with various teams to ensure proper communication, knowledge exchange and project flow. Another key role is to anticipate potential issues and alert management and team leaders to prevent delays or lost revenue. The Sales Representative continually examines the customer’s business, brands, and usage of W.Studio services for opportunities and untapped potential, better utilization of existing services and new or unrepresented services that may be introduced to the customer.

The Sales Representative works with the Director of Sales to develop strategies for positioning W.Studio in the market as a solid, reliable partner that “Adds value to their brands and increases their competitiveness in the market.” Additionally, this position presents and sells our capabilities and solutions in the industry with the goal of achieving first-choice supplier status with customers by developing and executing short and long-term strategic sales and marketing plans with a disciplined, on-target approach to new potential business by influencing key decision-makers within existing customers and identifying new customers. Additionally, the S Sales Representative regularly communicates with customers – including senior management – regarding market, economic and industry trends/events that have potential influence to their businesses and how W.Studio can assist to meet future challenges.


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